Incredibuild secured $140M in Funding round

Incredibuild, a Tel Aviv-based software development acceleration platform, has now secured $140 million in funding round.

Incredibuild is founded by Tami Mazel Shachar. It provides a platform that harnesses compute to distribute processes across the idle power in a network, thus allowing the companies to accelerate the development lifecycle, from code compilation to testing to release automation.

It is built for both the on-premise and cloud environments, as it serves more than 800 customers, which includes Adobe, EPIC Games, Nintendo, Microsoft, CitiBank, Barclays, Intel, and Samsung.

Executive Opinion

“We firmly believe that Incredibuild has built a crucial technology for any business that wants to develop better software, radically faster,” said Teddie Wardi, MD at Insight Partners, in a statement. “With our long history of investing in the development ecosystem, we are confident that Incredibuild will continue to innovate and build upon their recent momentum.” Both Wardi and MD Lonne Jaffe, as well as senior associate Brad Fiedler are joining Incredibuild’s board.

“Fortissimo bought Incredibuild in 2018 with belief in the enormous potential of distributed processing,” said Yoav Hineman, Partner at Fortissimo Capital and board member of Incredibuild, in a statement. “The investment by Insight Partners is a great milestone in delivering unparalleled acceleration for software developers.”

Incredibuild latest funding

The round was backed by the Insight Partners, which included both the primary and secondary components the inclusive of Fortissimo Capital.

Post funding, Insight Partners’ Managing Directors Teddie Wardi and Lonne Jaffe, and Senior Associate Brad Fiedler will now going to join the Incredibuild, Board of Directors team.

The company as of now has plans to use the new funds to expand its US operations.

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