L7 Informatics secured $13M in Series B funding round

L7 Informatics, a Texas-based provider of solutions for the enterprise-scale digital transformation and automation of scientific processes in the healthcare and life science domains, has now secured its $13 million in Series B funding round.

L7 Informatics is founded by Dr. Vasu Rangadass. It provides the Enterprise Science Platform, a software platform that simplifies data management, automates workflows, and digitalizes in the diagnostics, research, therapeutics, medicine, and agrochemical industries in order to enable compliance, efficiencies, improved operational velocity, and reduced costs.

Executive Opinion

“We are very excited to join the L7 mission. The company’s Enterprise Science Platform has the core flexibility and breadth needed to advance healthcare and life sciences R&D and manufacturing into a new digital age,” said Dr. Zach Jonasson, Managing Partner of Phoenix Venture Partners.

CEO Dr. Vasu Rangadass stated, “We appreciate the shared commitment of our investors to L7’s vision of digitalizing healthcare and life sciences R&D and manufacturing processes. This investment will enable us to continue expanding our product portfolio to support the growing demand for innovation in workflow and data management in life sciences.”

The round was backed by the previous investors along with some of the new investors, which includes the Phoenix Venture Partners.

The company, as of now, has plans to use the new funds to accelerate the commercialization of its platform.

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