Nebula Microsystems secured $15M in Seed Funding Round

Nebula Microsystems Inc, a Texas-based analog startup has now secured $15 million in a seed funding round.

Nebula Microsystems is founded by the Gaurang Shah. It defines and delivers analog products, which include power converters, high-speed SERDES and high-performance amplifiers and data converters. The company’s global team is developing high-efficiency AC-DC products, high power density DC-DC for the fast-growing server, automotive, and telecom markets.

Executive Opinion

“As a well-funded and dynamic team with decades of combined experience and a proven track record managing high tech businesses, we are well positioned to fundamentally disrupt the high-performance analog market,” said Gaurang Shah, chief executive officer, Nebula Microsystems, Inc. “We are also addressing the unprecedented chip supply shortage — It’s an exciting time to join the team, and we’re ready to add passionate and talented circuit designers, layout and product/test engineers to our growing team.”

Nebula Microsystems latest funding round

The round was backed by the Morningside Group.

The company, as of now, has plans to use new funds to expand its team of senior engineers and designers who will build high-performance and intelligent analog products for high-end consumer, telecommunications, automotive, medical, healthcare, and industrial applications.

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