OpenBots Raises $5M in Seed Funding Round

OpenBots, a New York-based enterprise RPA platform, has now secured $5 million in a seed funding round.

OpenBots allows the users to build a digital workforce and automate straightforward and repetitive processes with ease.

Additionally, the OpenBots RPA suite, the company provides other products, which includes the OpenBots Documents, a SaaS-based intelligence document processing tool, and OpenBots Discovery, a SaaS-based process discovery, management, and analysis tool.

Executive Opinion

“This new round of funding highlights the market’s demand for an alternative to burdensome license-centric RPA delivery models,” said OpenBots Chief Strategy Officer, Ali Chaudhry. “The capital infusion allows us to build on our robust ecosystem of intelligent automation tools and offers our customers the freedom to truly scale their RPA programs. Organizations can deploy a larger slate of automated processes by allocating their budgets to professional automation services.”

Along with automation tools, OpenBots also offers premium services such as automation support packages and automation QuickPacks that provide organizations with a fast and tangible way to kickstart an automation program using OpenBots or migrate their commercial license bots to the OpenBots zero-cost platform. “These new rounds of investments give us the additional fuel we need to go warp-speed in building a robust and reliable product organization for our customers,” says CTO and Co-Founder of OpenBots, Ashish Nangla. “It speeds up our plans to continuously provide our customers with additional features and capabilities in our enterprise-grade Automation Platform without being chained down to an expensive and rigid licensing model.”

OpenBots latest funding

The backers, as of now, are undisclosed.

The company, as of now, has plans to use the new funds to accelerate investment into research and development.

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