Zeda.io secured $450K in Pre-seed funding round

Zeda.io, the Bangalore and US-based technology startup that has developed a solution to manage a product lifecycle, has now secured $450000 in pre-seed funding round from the multiple VC funds, which includes the Firstcheque.vc, Paradigm Shift Capital, and Whiteboard Capital, and various other angel investors.

As per the report, the startup founded in the month of November 2020, and the new funding will be going to be used for product development and hiring new talent.

Zeda.io plans to hire around the department, such as sales, engineering, marketing, and designs.

Speaking on the development, Prashant Mahajan, Co-founder, and CEO, Zeda.io, said, “We believe that product managers should focus more on users, problems, product strategy, and not on operational work. Zeda.io is a one-stop collaboration platform for product managers who want to improve their work efficiency, and, in turn, go from idea to shipping the product faster.”

Prashant believes that effective communication and collaboration are the keys to product management success. During his stints at different companies, he faced challenging times as there was the juggling of various tools to manage the entire product development process. This was the genesis for starting Zeda.io.

The startup has also developed a platform where the various teams could collaborate, define, and manage their product development with different sets of stakeholders.

Vaibhav Devpura, Co-founder, Zeda.io, said the platform would also help the entire product organization since it provides a holistic view of the product rather than just project management tickets, thus helping better understand the who, why, and what of a product.

“Product Management has evolved as a significant discipline, especially in tech companies. Zeda.io is solving a very crucial problem for product managers as efficient time management and collaboration hasn’t been solved for this community,” said Anshu Prasher, General Partner, Whiteboard Capital.

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